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Your Watch History is Off on YouTube

This is perhaps one of the finest features on YouTube I've encountered. As stated in numerous prior posts, I believe that the infinite scrolling feed is one of the most addictive patterns in apps. It remains one of my primary sources of overconsumption in my life. I'm working to break free from as many of these patterns as I can, aiming to improve my well-being and regain time for myself and the people I value spending time with.
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A few days ago, I wrote about forking a ChatGPT search extension. Well, I've already tinkered with it a bit, and I'm gradually making some improvements. For instance, I added an option where the request is triggered when a '?' is present in the query, as well as when the user clicks on the prompt. This is just one of many features that I thought were missing from the original extension. I'm still figuring out a few things, so I wouldn't recommend installing it just yet, but you can find the repository on my Github account.
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My Personal Blog is Not a Tech Publication

I recently tooted about an article I wrote but never published. It was about Spotify's new TikTok-like algorithmic feed updates and how people who think this is the wrong direction for Spotify are mistaken. I started the article by discussing Spotify's event and discussing all the new features and updates. However, even though I stated my reasoning, it didn't feel right. I realized that I was writing an article for a tech publication, not my personal blog.
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