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WWDC 2023 Excitement

I’m quite excited for WWDC 2023. Although I’m not a huge fan of VR/AR headsets, I’m still intrigued by the technology. I’m confident that Apple will create a beautiful product and eventually find the product-market fit for it, much like how the Apple Watch played out.

I believe Apple’s advantage of having existing platforms will play a major role in the success of its AR/VR product. In my opinion, the platform itself is just as important as the physical product, which Apple might nail right from the start.

Recently, Apple began experimenting with different design styles for article images. This could potentially be a sneak peek of what’s to come with RealityOS, or whatever its name will be. You can see all the animations in this style by checking out Apple’s article. I quite like this simple, stylized, playful design, but we will have to see how it all fits into a larger OS.

Apple's 3D Design

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