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My Personal Blog is Not a Tech Publication

I recently tooted about an article I wrote but never published. It was about Spotify’s new TikTok-like algorithmic feed updates and how people who think this is the wrong direction for Spotify are mistaken. I started the article by discussing Spotify’s event and discussing all the new features and updates. However, even though I stated my reasoning, it didn’t feel right. I realized that I was writing an article for a tech publication, not my personal blog.

So I decided not to publish it and write this post instead. I’m not going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t write on your blog, but I want to keep mine personal. I find personal blogs more engaging, interesting, and overall less generic (who would have guessed huh).

I like to follow real people who write about their struggles, projects, and share interesting ideas. I have an RSS feed full of such blogs, and I’m always on the lookout for more. One of my favorite such blog is written by Jan-Lukas Else. This is the reason why people come to Reddit when they have a question or are looking for a recommendation. Generic articles like “5 best places to visit in Bratislava” are just too generic and, honestly, filled with bloat.

One example of generic tech articles that I absolutely despise are the articles about Chat GPT and other AI models. Every single article is just boring and filled with fluff. I personally find experiments and interesting ideas from individuals more interesting. But I get it; news articles need to be informative, but I just find so many of them boring.

By the way, a while ago, I read a fantastic article by Jonas Degrave called Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT, which you might like.

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