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A few days ago, I wrote about forking a ChatGPT search extension. Well, I’ve already tinkered with it a bit, and I’m gradually making some improvements. For instance, I added an option where the request is triggered when a ’?’ is present in the query, as well as when the user clicks on the prompt. This is just one of many features that I thought were missing from the original extension. I’m still figuring out a few things, so I wouldn’t recommend installing it just yet, but you can find the repository on my Github account.

Since switching to a new browser (which I do more often than the average user), I noticed something was missing. After spending too much time on YouTube, I quickly realized that I had forgotten to install Unhook, an extension designed to enhance your YouTube experience.

Today, I also accomplished a solid 7km run. My running training is going well, and I’m pleased with the steady progress. However, one thing I’m not so happy about is my gym visits, which have significantly decreased during the summer.

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