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Being Transparent About My AI Use

Today, I opened a random blog post I discovered on Hacker News titled I’m betting on HTML. I just wanted to read the content, but got distracted by the disclaimer at the top of the post stating:

AI Use Disclaimer: I wrote this post and then GPT-4 fixed my grammer and spelling

This disclaimer got me thinking about my AI use on my blog. I use AI daily since I discovered it. So naturally, I’ve used it to assist with various blogging tasks as well. For instance, I use ChatGPT to check my spelling, but never to write my posts. I use it to generate ideas, help me understand complex problems, and more. I might write a helpful post about all my ChatGPT use cases so you can 1000x your productivity and get rich quick (in all seriousness, I do think ChatGPT is a powerful tool and, like any tool, there’s a learning curve to it).

For the past few days, I’ve been experimenting with line art images for the blog posts using DALL-E. I now realize that I should label AI-generated content (in my case, AI-generated images) and give some warnings about AI-modified content (when ChatGPT corrects my spelling mistakes). It’s not that I’m ashamed of using AI, but I believe it’s about being open and honest with you, my reader.

One of the reasons why I should add such disclaimers is to make a distinction between my work and that of AI’s, since yesterday’s picture was actually drawn by me.

Yes, an AI inspired me to start creating art again, which is quite amazing. Yesterday’s image was quite simple and nothing special, but the whole process of posting a blog post was way more fun - besides writing the post, I also engaged myself in a new activity that I find quite enjoyable.

I did ask DALL-E for some inspiration, but then I drew the image myself. I will continue to use the help of AI to improve my writing, as well as using some AI-generated artwork for my posts while also producing my own.

I’m not sure how I’m going to implement the AI disclaimers on my blog, but it’s on my mind. Stay tuned.

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