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DuckDuckGo Has a Lite Version, and It's Good

To put this post into perspective, I wrote this when I was on vacation in Croatia, dealing with not the best internet connection, to say the least.

Only when you lack a robust internet connection do you tend to notice and appreciate the lightweight nature of a website. This holds true for personal blogs as well as ‘big’ bloated websites with millions of visitors per day. Imagine if we all optimized a little, removed the bloat - no pop-ups, no auto-playing videos, and no notification alerts, the internet might just be a little better.

DuckDuckGo Lite is just perfect. While I might not use it as my daily go-to search engine, I love the fact that it exists. Even the original DuckDuckGo is quite lightweight as well.

It’s nothing extraordinary, just search results, as you would expect. Check it out:

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