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To Learn is to Apply

School is a system, quite a bad one, and like most bad systems it puts a lot of energy into conforming and shaping us in ways that feel so unnatural to a child. Looking back at those years, it seems scary how this system works, seeing the cogwheel turn and shaping the raw talent into anxiety-inducing, crippled, and fragile human beings.

My school years were ok. In high school, I had a few issues but only in college did I realize who I am and started being more aware of myself. School confined me so much that I became quite detached from reality.

In college, I grew as a person, learner, friend - I finally noticed myself and realized that I have full control of my life. I’m quite grateful for my time at college, for all of my colleagues, tutors, and teachers.

But one of the most important things I learned in college is that you have to push yourself. To be in the moment, to be aware of yourself, and align your tasks to match your priorities, goals, and values.

To really learn something you have to apply it. If that means cooking a meal from a recipe or solving a math equation - to learn is to apply.

When you apply, you learn and when you learn, you grow. Reading about making friends is one thing but actually talking to a real person can be a lot more challenging.

To wrap up with schools - in school, they should teach us how to feel present, to know your body and your mind. Let children play, be curious, to ask questions. What we see in schools is the exact opposite - first teachers confine you, strip you of your personality, suppress the play and your inner fire, and then they wonder why no one wants to ask any questions.

Only when you’re aware of yourself, free of other people’s opinions, and truly curious and ready to get your hands dirty can you truly learn.

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