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Žan Černe
Hope you're doing ok.
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Busy last few days

Lately, I’ve been just super busy with work, team building, in-office meetups and more. It’s very exciting and I’m grateful for all of it.

I have this list of daily action items I want to do on daily basis - like reading, meditation… Since I was quite busy for the past few days/weeks it’s been quite hard to do some of those daily items. Maybe I will do a quick write-up about them since I’ve been doing them since November 2022 and I’m quite happy with this system.

I also worked a bit on my website and blog but I didn’t push new changes yet. I might do some more work this weekend, I need to do some simple layout improvements for posts.

A huge update for my Matter extension for Raycast also went live. Josh Knowles contributed to the update as well and I was just so excited when I saw someone opened a pull request on GitHub.

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