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Reconnecting in a Disconnected World: A Personal Reflection

Some posts on this blog are personal, while others are hopefully more useful in nature. This one just might be both. I want to share these “tips” because I do struggle with loneliness from time to time, especially more recently. For the past weeks, perhaps even months, I’ve been struggling quite a bit, not feeling at my best. One of the significant issues was the post-college shock when I realized that I’m becoming more and more of an adult. Not that I don’t like the responsibilities, but life has changed, and I have to adapt to it.

In college, I had some of the best years of my life. This was mostly due to interesting classes, learning new things on a daily basis, and solving challenging and intriguing problems. I would love to delve further into this story, but let’s focus on the present day. I have a great job and all the benefits that come with it, but since college, I’ve lost connection with many people.

It’s time to reconnect.

I believe the majority of my current struggles stem from the lack of relationships. Not to be too gloomy, I still have a couple really close friends, an incredibly supportive family, colleagues I play volleyball with, and more. I’m forever grateful for all of them.

Today, I watched a TED talk titled “How to Cope with Loneliness” by Olivia Remes. Here are the main points from it:

I believe both of these tips are quite common-sense. Sharing things about myself can be challenging due to my introverted nature, but if I can do it publicly on the internet with posts like this, I can surely do it in real-life interactions.

The advice to start talking to as many people as possible intrigued me. I’ve often wondered why I should talk to someone if I can’t establish a meaningful, long-term connection. But it now makes sense. It’s not just about forming deep connections; it’s about daily interactions that make you feel like you’re part of a community and connected to the people around you.

We all face challenges, but step by step, we might just create a better tomorrow.

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