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Take Time to Sit with Your Thoughts

While listening to a podcast, a certain thought resonated with me: “No one sits with their thoughts; everyone is always keeping their mind busy, playing Candy Crush”.

In the past few years, I’ve realized the importance of sitting with my own thoughts to better understand myself and my needs.

This is not easy.

I believe that self-awareness and presence enable us to identify our problems, learn, and change. This led me to ponder, what other things do I do to enhance my self-awareness, apart from meditation?

Go on a Walk

It’s often difficult to remember that you can always take a 10-15 minute walk, sit on a bench, and observe things around you. As simple as this act is, when was the last time you sat on a bench and simply enjoyed life?

Taking Breaks

In today’s world, productivity is one of the most esteemed states you can be in.

Sometimes being non-productive, taking a break, can be just as useful, if not more beneficial, for the ultimate goal. Taking a break is such a straightforward task, but we often sit for hours on end, distracting our minds in the process, without realizing we could simply take a few short breaks to rejuvenate our minds.

Observing How You Use Your Phone

It’s quite challenging to be mindful when using a smartphone. We often open apps without even knowing why, scrolling without any intention to stop. I’ve done my best to “optimize” my usage: I’ve removed all games and social media apps and rearranged my home screen. I aim to use my smartphone as a tool, to make my life just a bit easier.

Being Aware of Things Provokes Change

Sometimes, certain things bother us. They might disturb us greatly, but we don’t take the time to alter them. Taking a moment to fix the thing that bothers us can be so beneficial.

Being aware of things helps us notice them, and that’s the first step towards change.

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