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Nabeel's Principles

I have no idea how I stumbled upon Nabeel’s website, but I have had his Principles page bookmarked for a while now, and I’ve just decided to go through it again.

Here are a few of Nabeel’s principles that resonate with me:

Wealth can be created, there is not a fixed amount of it in the world. Somebody doing well doesn’t always come at someone else’s expense.

One thing I’ve been struggling with is comparing myself to others. I noticed this behavior a couple of years ago, and since then, I’ve decided to be mindful of it and gradually improve my way of thinking. Such realizations have helped me a lot, and I’ve become more supportive of my friends and colleagues. We’re all on different paths, and success is a very individual thing. I know that this principle isn’t completely related to my comment, but it resonated with me.

No matter how bad things seem, everything passes.


You are probably too risk-averse. Define the worst thing that can happen, realize it’s not that bad, then take the leap.

go hand in hand, and I completely agree. There were months when I didn’t feel like my best self. I had to learn, adapt, and discover myself, and in the process, find tools and methods to be better equipped for this journey. I’m still learning and discovering new things about myself and the purpose of it all, to better handle future endeavors and help those around me live their best lives.

So far, I’ve learned that bad things happen, and they occur on different scales. You have to confront the loss of people, personal struggles, and work-related challenges. Time heals. Taking risks can sometimes tip the balance toward a brighter side.

There are some people who, after you talk to them, you feel more energized and you want to conquer the world or climb a mountain or something. They’re rare but they exist. Go find them and make friends with them.

Most people would label me as an introvert; however, deep one-on-one conversations are the most energizing and fulfilling things in life for me. Talking to people who are truly passionate about their projects is so insightful and inspiring. I believe one of the coolest things about the internet is the ability to share your own work, which might spark conversations, inspire creativity, and on rare special occasions, even foster friendships.

These are just a few of Nabeel’s principles I wanted to highlight. Make sure to check all of them out for yourself.

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