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I’ve been quite pleased with the content I’ve produced over the past few days. Moreover, I have more content ideas in the works for future posts. Creating content daily can be challenging, but I believe this consistency fosters creativity and encourages daily creation. Without this daily ‘restriction’, I doubt I’d produce as much. I’m glad I participate in the #100DaysToOffload challenge.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a more branded personal blog, not merely Žan Černe’s blog, but something that better embodies the content I publish. However, since I don’t currently focus on a specific topic, this concept remains far from realization. It’s just something that caught my attention while reading Bill Gates’s blog, Gates Notes.

Also, during the upcoming weekend when I hopefully will have more time, I plan to create more art, so keep an eye on the blog. I’m aware that my RSS feed doesn’t currently support images, so I’m considering adding that feature.

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