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Žan Černe
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Building in Public

I’m not sure when the trend of building in public started, but I’ve always liked the idea. When I began my first internet blog about 8 years ago, my goal was to learn about design. In a way, I wanted to design things I found interesting at the time and share them with others.

The experience has been great. I’ve met many interesting people and formed a wonderful community. I kept running that blog until two years ago. This blog is a bit different; in a sense, it’s more personal since it’s directly attached to my name. However, my enthusiasm for learning and creating in public remains strong, and I still want to post about things I’m excited about and share my progress.

I’ve just added support for mobile menu navigation, and I’m quite happy with it. In the next few weeks, I plan to add a “micro” category, remove the title requirement for posts, update the favicon, and create custom post preview images. I have several ideas for improving this blog.

As I continue working on this blog, I also want to focus on:

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