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Žan Černe
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Wellbeing & Growth ·

Reconnecting in a Disconnected World: A Personal Reflection

Some posts on this blog are personal, while others are hopefully more useful in nature. This one just might be both. I want to share these "tips" because I do struggle with loneliness from time to time, especially more recently. For the past weeks, perhaps even months, I've been struggling quite a bit, not feeling at my best. One of the significant issues was the post-college shock when I realized that I'm becoming more and more of an adult. Not that I don't like the responsibilities, but life has changed, and I have to adapt to it.
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Technology ·
A few days ago, I wrote about forking a ChatGPT search extension. Well, I've already tinkered with it a bit, and I'm gradually making some improvements. For instance, I added an option where the request is triggered when a '?' is present in the query, as well as when the user clicks on the prompt. This is just one of many features that I thought were missing from the original extension. I'm still figuring out a few things, so I wouldn't recommend installing it just yet, but you can find the repository on my Github account.
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