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Žan Černe
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“It’s been a couple of weeks since I started my 10k km run preparations. I’m primarily focused on Zone 2 training for now. I began with a comfortable 10-25km per week of running. I’m also attempting to maintain 2-3 weight lifting sessions per week, which can make my schedule rather busy. The challenge with Zone 2 training is ego. EVERYONE seems to pass you by, but you just have to moderate your pace and maintain a steady, solid run.

I might share some data from my runs in the future. The plan is to also chronicle my runs and provide some progress updates. Nothing structured, just brief posts to keep you informed. The 10k is scheduled for October, as part of the 2023 Ljubljana Marathon, which I’m quite excited about.

My goal is to participate in a half marathon next year. We’ll see how it goes, but this year’s 10k is my stepping stone.

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