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Žan Černe
Hope you're doing ok.


Hey, my name is Žan! I'm a software tinkerer interested in design and building software.

The best way to describe myself would be as a tech enthusiast with varying interests in other spheres. I've always been fascinated by everything at the intersection of technology, design and personal well-being. I enjoy learning about various topics, from computers to fitness and I feel fulfilled when I can use my knowledge to help the people around me.

I'm currently working at Celtra as a QA Engineer. Before joining Celtra, I worked as a Full-stack Engineer at a small Slovenian company during my college years.

I enjoy building applications, extensions, websites, and more. I'm interested in design and in creating software that can improve and enrich people's lives.

I write on my personal blog, where I share interesting links, design prototypes, project updates, and various other things.

I would love to hear from you.

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